Monday, March 03, 2008

I mentioned in a comment over on Garden Rant today that when I remember to look at them, I find the Pantone color palettes very useful in designing ads for the magazine.
Here's the one for Spring '08:

I'm not in love with the whole thing (Croissant?), but I do like the raspberry, aka Rococco Red, and the Daiquiri Green.

Now for Fall '08:

That Shady Glade green is looking dangerously close to teal. Please, no teal. Ugh. I even had a car that color. Looks like brown and orange are still in, the brown (Shitake) moving toward grey and Burnt Orange toned down a little. That's a great color. I'm seriously not into mauve, but Withered Rose is OK. Love the Ochre, the color of my dining room. And the Twilight Blue. On the whole I like this palette.


EAL said...

Oh but have you ever seen the images CMG puts out to show off the colors?

Gorgeous. We use them in a piece on colors once.

Jane M. said...

I haven't! I've only read the predictions and seen pictures of items that are the colors they're talking about. As far as I can tell you have to have a membership - or in Spree's case, a good reason - to see those.

Wicked Gardener said...

I had a teal car too. . . eeewwww.

(Found you on Blotanical - cool blog.)

Jane M. said...

Thanks. I have yet to figure out how to use Blotanical, exactly, but someday soon I'm going to! And regarding the teal cars, what were we thinking? Oh, and I had a CB jacket when I was in high school, my pride and joy, also that damned teal color. With pink accents. Crimey.

Timothy Colman said...

Speaking of botanical colors have you seen the Hamm Library collection of botanical art @ Cornell?

See Good Nature Notes for link to the library -- wonderful collection of old art-- hope they develop a series around contemporary artists, too.

Treemendously ,


knitlit kate said...

having recently purchased a pair of teal tights, i, for one, am happy for its resurgence. can shoulder pads be far behind?

Jane M. said...

Please, no!