Sunday, March 25, 2007


Saturday I visited Plantasia, along with every other person in the Buffalo area, I think. It was crowded! It was so crowded in spots that you could not take a step in any direction. Good for them! (The weather was perfect���������not snowing, which keeps people home, and not beautiful and sunny, which keeps people outside. It was gloriously rainy.) Maria and I very much enjoyed ourselves and want to thank the Plantasia committee for allowing us, for the fourth year, to be a part of the show.

My time was limited and like I said, it was crowded, so I didn't get a lot of great images, unfortunately. I'll post here what I have.

It's Katie again!

The children's garden is quite large, and it has a huge sandbox AND a clown who makes stuff out of balloons.

Here's Maria, the pusher of snacks.

Congratulations to The English Gardener for Best in Show. I loved their use of copper throughout.

This popular duo entertained the masses���������in style! All smiles and cool ponchos.

"Redneck Ranch" was very funny and full of great detail. Check out the water feature���������very similar to that one in Syracuse. I think in order to afford the gorgeous outdoor kitchen they had in this display, one would have to be a rednecked surgeon. (No picture; too dark.)

The Association's center feature looked great. I am pretty sure that the fountain is the work of D. A. Spencer.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Sad Day

We have lost one of our best. Anne Stonehocker was a sweet, generous woman, a hell of a plantswoman and a hell of a fighter, too—we've all been in awe her these past few years.

She'll be remembered with a lot of love.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Zarestsky & Associates

I got some pretty ones of the containers (which were amazing) against the "Red Square" but none of the garden from a wider angle.

Oriental Garden Supply

Int'l Bonasi Arboretum

The bonsai always photograph the best.

Ted Collins Tree & Landscape

This was such a sweet garden. Mike did a great job as always.

R. J. Schickler—Best of Show

Ditto here. I just couldn't, or didn't, capture what was going on here. I didn't have the patience to fight the crowds (or come early or stay late, turns out, or bring a tripod).

RM Landscape

Birchcrest Tree & Landscape

This was such a neat idea, and I wasn't able to capture it at all. Sorry, Birchcrest. The backdrop is ginormous, and its supports are exposed. I couldn't get far enough away without changing lenses, and it's cock-eyed to boot. Not my finest image.

Lakeview Lawn & Landscape's White Garden

Cardinal Landscape

This was such an interesting garden, I'm not sure it received enough attention.

Clover Lawn & Landscape