Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's Column...

Just a quick note about today's column for you industry types. Green Living Technologies is mentioned in the latest Green Profit (the article is online too), and in the same issue, UGJ friend Trish Gannon of Wayside Garden Center is quoted extensively. I'm sure you all subscribe to GP; it's FREE to green industry pros and a good read. 

Wow. That's a lot of links. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Beer in Rochester?

This just in from the Rochester Business Journal:

KPS agrees to acquire Labatt USA, launches North American Breweries

KPS Capital Partners L.P. has reached an agreement to acquire the U.S. operations of Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd., setting the stage to potentially move Labatt USA beer-making to High Falls Brewing Co. LLC in Rochester. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hard to get overly excited about this. It's good for Rochester but for bad for Buffalo, where Labatt USA is currently based, so it's a wash in my book.

I did like this line though:

"We intend to continue to grow North American Breweries aggressively, both organically and through acquisition of new brands and exceptional breweries," said Raquel Palmer, a KPS partner.

No doubt. In hard economic times, what lines of business continue to thrive? Board games, gardening and alcohol, to name a few. Now, to find a way to combine the three....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Karen Detinger Jewelry -- Love This

We're deep in production on the March-April issue (which is going to be fabulous, by the way), so I'm spending the majority of my waking minutes hunched over the keyboard—thank goodness for yoga—and not taking too much (as much?) time for facebooking, surfing, blogging, etc. But this morning, Debbie sent me a link to a site that has me coveting everything on it. Everything. It's, featuring the jewelry of Clarence designer Karen Detinger. Why talk about it here? Many of the pieces feature images of the natural world. There are suns, bees, rabbits, flowers, leaves, and even what looks like a Japanese beetle, which I find oddly appealing—in silver if not in person. In some ways it reminds me of the work of the late Helen Woodhull, which I also love but which is somewhat out of my reach at the moment. Rather than read me blathering on about them, it's best if you just go look, but here are some of my faves:

Flowers all Around Bracelet, $295
Simple Flower Necklace, $149
Honey Bee and Hive Earrings, $98

Now -- back to work for me!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Help for Bill Valavanis

William Valavanis is a very well-known bonsai expert from Henrietta (a suburb of Rochester). He's respected the world over and people come from pretty much everywhere to learn from him at his International Bonsai Arboretum. Even if you're not into bonsai, if you've ever been to GardenScape you can't help but to have noticed his work—his displays are stunning. I don't have many great pictures, but here's a Naragansett crabapple in full bloom from I think two years ago:
A few days ago, Bill's house caught on fire. No one was hurt, but there was a lot of loss and it's going to be a heck of a mess to clean up—I'm not even sure the house itself is salvagable. Luckily, Bill's studio and greenhouses were unharmed. The majority of Bill's 40,000 slides are gone, however, as are 30 years of back issues of Bill's magazine, International Bonsai.

Many people want to help Bill and his family, and in case you're one of them, here's how:

1. You can bid on this hand-made bonsai planter by Ron Lang here.

2. You can bid on this 80-year-old ponderosa pine donated by Golden Arrow bonsai, here (scroll down 'til you find it).

3. You can send a check (made out to William N. Valavanis) via the Bonsai Society of Upstate New York to:
Ron Maggio
30 Green Pine Lane
Webster, NY 14580
or via the GardenScape Professionals Association:

PO Box 1113
Webster, NY 14580-1113

I am certain that Bill and his family will appreciate any help we can give them.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Job Opportunity at Canterbury Woods, Williamsville

Here's a job opening for a full-time grounds assistant at Canterbury Woods, Williamsville, NY.

Job Summary: Canterbury Woods is hiring one full-time grounds assistant and two part-time seasonal assistants.

General Duties: Grass cutting, planting, weeding, pruning, and various grounds maintenance tasks.

• Must have landscaping experience.
• Available some evening and weekend hours.
• Must have a valid driver’s license.
• Excellent communication and people skills.

Canterbury Woods is an equal opportunity employer. We provide a team-oriented environment, a competitive benefits package; including medical, dental, 401k and retirement plan.

If you are interest in the positions email your resume to jdinehart AT echa DOT org or mail your resume to:

Jeff Dinehart
Grounds Superintendent
Canterbury Woods
705 Renaissance Dr.
Williamsville, New York 14221

Vendors Wanted for Lewiston Garden Walk

From the Lewiston Garden Walk:
Vendors are wanted for our 4th annual Gardenfest, June 27-28 on Center Street in Lewiston, NY. If you have a product dealing with the outdoors we have an event for you. Merchandise examples would include: plants, landscape, statuary, irrigation systems, illuminated lighting, rod iron, garden/yard enhancements, fences, pools, spas, curbing, pavers, sod, etc. The festival is free to the public, as well as 6 local gardens for viewing and noted garden expert speakers and educators over the 2 day period. Thousands of people are roaming Center Street  partaking in vendor sales. Rental space prices include: 10x10 for only $100 over the 2 days. Larger spaces available. Center Street will be closed to car/truck traffic enabling vendors to place product on Center Street (between 4th-5th) and leave overnight. Setup will be on Sat 27 from 5am-10am, Please, call for information at 716/754-2084.