Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Karen Detinger Jewelry -- Love This

We're deep in production on the March-April issue (which is going to be fabulous, by the way), so I'm spending the majority of my waking minutes hunched over the keyboard—thank goodness for yoga—and not taking too much (as much?) time for facebooking, surfing, blogging, etc. But this morning, Debbie sent me a link to a site that has me coveting everything on it. Everything. It's, featuring the jewelry of Clarence designer Karen Detinger. Why talk about it here? Many of the pieces feature images of the natural world. There are suns, bees, rabbits, flowers, leaves, and even what looks like a Japanese beetle, which I find oddly appealing—in silver if not in person. In some ways it reminds me of the work of the late Helen Woodhull, which I also love but which is somewhat out of my reach at the moment. Rather than read me blathering on about them, it's best if you just go look, but here are some of my faves:

Flowers all Around Bracelet, $295
Simple Flower Necklace, $149
Honey Bee and Hive Earrings, $98

Now -- back to work for me!

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EAL said...

Interesting! At first I thought they were based on coinc until I saw the flowers. Very pretty.