Friday, August 31, 2007

New Blog on the Block

Check out the new RCGC blog! I have to say I'm impressed by the frequency with which Judy and Debbie have been posting. You're making us look bad, girls!

Warner Castle, home of RCGC

Love it or Hate it?

Here is my garden nemesis of the moment: Rudbeckia triloba (or sometimes trilobata). It's a beautiful, carefree plant, perfect in arrangements. I have so much of it, you'd never suspect how much time I spend getting rid of the damned thing. You'd think we were best friends.

See, this biennial black-eyed Susan, sweet though it looks, is actually a bit pushy. It takes up residence, starts producing offspring, and the next thing you know, there's no room for anyone else. And who's paying the rent? I am! Out, Susie!

It does have its place though. So every year at about this time, I go around moving, and chucking, the seedlings. Every year I think I've come up with the grand scheme of where it'll actually be useful next year, and every next year, I realize I've left far too many children and end up having to take even more out. The one place I would truly love to see that yellow, the jungle-like back of the garden, Susie prefers not to settle. It's very downmarket. You know.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Things are Booming at Home

P8030005.JPG, originally uploaded by Jane Milliman.

Upon my return, I was greeted with what looked like the garden I had left behind GONE WILD! Someone's gonna get arrested! Sorry. No, seriously, everything was so big and bodacious, I was a little shocked. Of course, the smaller plants are being squashed mercilessly by the nicotiana and the perilla, even though I thinned everybody out before I left. The giant grass is a new one from Allan Armitage's company, Athens Select. It's called Pennisetum purpurea 'Prince', and even though the propaganda said it was going to get 5 to 6 feel tall and turn more and more purple as the summer went on, I didn't believe it, seeing as how it's a southern plant and all. Well. The thing is ginormous, stately, beautiful and low-care, and I love it. You could buy 6 in a spring and make your own temporary hedge. If you look to the left, you can see 'Princess', a smaller and more demure (of course!) version. Good in a container. The only thing to watch for with these babies is their crazy-big roots, which I think might shatter their pots. If you are mixing them up with other plants, you'll want to give more space and, likely, water.

A Trip to Maine

P7300094.JPG, originally uploaded by Jane Milliman.

The family just got back from our annual Maine vacation. While we were there I met up with and old, old, old friend, old, from when I was in high school. In fact the last time I saw Kavi was 18 years ago. Wow. Well guess what? He looks the same. That's Kavi in the picture. He's the one in the middle.
The reason I mention this is that it turns out Kavi's wife, Sandra, is an avid vegetable gardener, and she BLOGS! Yep! Check it out.
I loved seeing Kavi and meeting Sandra, and I think I'll be making a visit to Pleasant Pond Farm in October. Columbus Day-ish. Maybe I can help Sandra put in her garlic.