Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Trip to Maine

P7300094.JPG, originally uploaded by Jane Milliman.

The family just got back from our annual Maine vacation. While we were there I met up with and old, old, old friend, old, from when I was in high school. In fact the last time I saw Kavi was 18 years ago. Wow. Well guess what? He looks the same. That's Kavi in the picture. He's the one in the middle.
The reason I mention this is that it turns out Kavi's wife, Sandra, is an avid vegetable gardener, and she BLOGS! Yep! Check it out.
I loved seeing Kavi and meeting Sandra, and I think I'll be making a visit to Pleasant Pond Farm in October. Columbus Day-ish. Maybe I can help Sandra put in her garlic.

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