Monday, July 16, 2007

Out & About: Cornell Plantations, Ithaca

I love going to Ithaca every other month. This trip was a bit dicey as I had left my wallet at home and was traveling with an often-hungry nine-year-old. Reenie Baker saved me by feeding us both a delicious lunch (a million, billion thanks).

Here are some pictures from our stop at Cornell Plantations.

The Robison Herb Garden:

Bluestem joint fir, a.k.a horsetail, a.k.a. ma-huang, a.k.a. Ephedra

The hardy kiwi vine. It's growing on the highest-class porta-potty structure I have ever seen.

Pineapple in container:

More containers:



Maria said...

Great pictures, love to see them. Maybe next year I can take the trip.

deb e said...

Those containers are SO cool! A PINEAPPLE even?!! I think I need to go to Ithaca - soon.
Thanks for sharing!