Friday, July 17, 2009

Mine never looks this good.

Kniphofia at Cornell Cooperative Extension, Ithaca

Bedlam: way more organized than it sounds

I visited Deb Lampear at Bedlam Gardens in King Ferry a couple of days ago. Everything looks good, but the hot border is stunning.

More pictures are here:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hostas. And More!

The RCGC garden tour on Saturday was great, but it rained for most of the day, so I compressed my visits and cut out those closest to home, hoping I could re-schedule. On Sunday I got my wish in the form of an email from Sue Buckner suggesting that I stop by, and I did, Monday morning.

Sue Buckner's Hosta's 'n' More is not two miles from my house, and I ride my bike past it a dozen times a year at least. I've stopped before and looked over what's on the tables out front, and she has some great stuff. But in viewing the sales area, there is no way to know what is held in the three and a half acres just beyond—and what's back there is pretty amazing.

Right in Caledonia NY, my humble hometown, is a collection of plants so extensive that there were a few neither Sue nor I could identify. Case in point: Syneilesis aconitifolia, a true stunner for shade, full shade, that was sending up all kinds of flower stalks on not one but several specimens. (Sue had temporarily misplaced the label, but she came up with it later on, just when I had also made an educated guess via Google.)

So pretty!

As its name would suggest, Buckner's property is home to plenty of hostas, and she
specializes in minis.

Sue was kind enough to share with me a few pieces of some of the plants I found really striking, and I'll certainly return the favor -- if I ever let her see my garden, which is sadly inadequate in comparison. If you are in or around Caledonia, definitely stop in and check this place out. 446 Middle Rd., Caledonia NY, 14423. And while you're at it, visit Quackenbush Daylily Gardens, right around the corner at 557 Sand Hill Rd. A further report on that nursery will follow.

For more pictures of Sue Buckner's Hostas 'n' More, click here.