Saturday, March 17, 2007

More GardenScape Fun: The Design Challenge

Saturday afternoon. People are getting squirrelly; perhaps a little punchy. The show is a marathon, especially if you not only planned and installed a garden but also have to man that garden for the entire show (and if you're also part of organizing it all..forget it). Pietro, however, has come up with an idea that will energize the masses���������it's a Design Challenge!

Players Karl Naegler (R. J. Shickler), Lynn DePuis (Alfred State), Steve Firlit (Firlit Landscape Design), Bruce Zaretsky (Zaretsky Associates) and Pietro Furgiuele (Waterford Tilling) prepare for battle.

Bruce leads the group in some pre-design, limbering yoga. It is important to warm up.

The competition is fierce. Are there enough markers for everyone? Karl thinks not.

Like a good sport, he does not let that inequity deter him.

A crowd forms...

...attracted by the images on the JumboTron.

The Reveal.

It's a tough call. They're all good, but I think Firlit's Bird Haus wins the first round. But why is it not hanging with the others? I sense a scandal.

Update: Ah, here it is. I found it. Kind of like a ski jump, no?


Rick Anderson said...

I know Bruce I cannot believe he was not the winner, you need a recount

Jane M. said...

Well of course, his was fabulous as well! ; )
It's the Arts and Crafts-looking one at the top.

pietro furgiuele said...

thanks for the press Jane.

After all the positive comments, I'll be formalizing the concept.