Friday, March 02, 2007

ETTG Visits CNY Blooms

I've just returned from Syracuse, where the UGJ is set up at the new flower show, CNY Blooms. The show looks really good and I don't want to jinx them, but it appears to be running pretty smoothly too. Yesterday I had the fun and privilege of acting as one of the garden judges. I don't have the official list of winners yet, but I know who some were and will post those now. The show goes on for the rest of the weekend, so stop by, pick up a newly minted copy of the fabulous March-April issue, and say hi to Pat Haywood, who is our representative there. UGJ friends in attendance include Bakers' Acres (though Reenie took off for Africa today!), Dan from the Plantsmen, Barry from Heart of Franklinville (and he has great new designs, including an adorable Boston Terrier statue, which I've already ordered, of course, to pick up at GardenScape), Phoenix Flower Farm and Batavia Turf.

I want to get pictures up asap, so maybe I'll post them first and then come back and write about it all later.

This image is of a honeysuckle in the Watson Greenhouse retail booth. It smelled heavenly.

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