Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help us name our new dog-to-be

Soon, one of these two funny-looking puppies will be MINE ALL MINE. By then he will be even cuter. I'm not sure yet which one, but we're thinking about names.

I prefer to stick with the native American plant name, being that the Boston Terrier is a native American breed and all. Hence big sister Trout Lily (pictured below, ears up with their mother, ears back). When I say big sister, I mean just that: The two have the same parents. Because if something is close to perfect, why mess with that?

So. I loooove the name Sweet William (my daughter's idea!) but I don't think "Willy and Lily" is a great idea. Too similar. My husband likes Bastard Toadflax ("Toady," "Toad," "Flaxie," etc., but not "Bastard," obvs.). Someone recently suggested Figwort. that's kind of cute. Figgy. Related to the snapdragon. Any other ideas? I'd like a woody plant maybe. Very masculine. Hey! What about "Woody"?

BTW, this picture was taken at the Boston Terrier Picnic. Check it out, if you're into that sort of thing.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Cute pups! How about Trillium? Hoary Puccoon? Rattlesnake Master? Spiderwort? Good luck with the little guy.

Jane M. said...

Those are great names! Love the last 2 especially. Thanks!

Jane M. said...

Although "Puccoon" is also way cute.

Windy Acres Bostons said...

Love the page! :D how about "beef stick" lol... River Birch?
Cloud 9? (dog wood)... Florida tree.
Red wood...(red)?
ah Grandpa Smith!
then get a female and name her Granny Smith haha
Showbiz Tree? Sunsprite?
Iceberg? Fraser Fir?
American Redbud....(Bud)
Cherokee Chief Dogwood (Chief)
Sorry, I could go on forever lol our Lily/Lillys look so cute together!!

Jane M. said...

Jen, is that you? I had no idea you were such a plant expert! One more reason to love you. These suggestions are awesome. I have no idea what iceberg and showbiz tree are - gotta hit google for those I guess.

Anonymous said...

Your little boy took his first bath today he kept going under the water coming out of the faucet. I think he's gonna like the water like Lily!