Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Responses to Readers' Concerns

I received a note today from a subscriber: "Could you get the magazine out each issue in time that the whole calendar of events could be pertinent?!"

I understand this subscriber's frustration. I've been round and round with the Post Office, and basically the answer is no. They can't figure out why sometimes issues are delivered late either, and there's nothing I can do to help them out with this, according to their official response. What we've done to try to fix the problem is to have the calendar of events extend until the 15th of the next month of publication. So even if you don't get your copy until March 15, you should be able to keep referring to January/February's calendar and get most of the info. Tell me. Is this working? Are people getting their issues even later? Should we change the calendar to start on the 15th?

Another big concern is the Almanac. When Anne Stonehocker died, I was so bummed I wanted to retire the Almanac completely in her honor. We tried that, and boy did we get backlash. One subscriber even said he wasn't renewing, because without us telling him what to do every month, what's the point? We hear you! The Almanac is back! What we're doing is rotating it around to all of the different Extension offices in our area. If you are a Master Gardener or an Extension educator and want to take a crack, please let us know.

Please keep those comments coming!

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