Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Odyssey to Ithaca

We still have a few seats left on the Ithaca shopping extravvvvaganza.
Don't miss out! Call Judy over at the RCGC: 585/473-5130.

It's where I found these fabulous terra cotta orbs!

I visited Dan at the Plantsmen last week, and he only had a few left....


karinsgarden said...

Jane, I was looking for a way to e-mail you with no luck. I recently visited the Ellwanger Garden on Mount Hope Avenue in Rochester, they had a wonderful Great Solomon's Seal there and now I am on the hunt for one. So far I have only found the smaller variety. I am wondering if you know anything about them and where I might find one? I will try the Greece Garden Club sale this weekend. Do you know of anyone I can contact, possibly a garden club member that can put their feelers out? I live in Hamlin, I don't even know if there is a garden club near me, I'd love to join one. Thanks for any help or advice you can give.

Jane M. said...

Have you asked Bev Gibson? She takes care of the Ellwanger garden. I don't want to post her home # here but if you call them at 546-7029 they will get a message to her. Or e-mail me for her e-mail address...

ettg AT janemilliman DOT com

I am leaving town tomorrow until after Memorial Day and will have no internet access (I think).