Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Heirloom tomatoes at Urban Roots

Submitted by Urban Roots

Urban Roots Community Garden Center is pleased to offer a wide variety of heirloom and unusual vegetable plants to the area���������s gardeners. Through partnerships with regional organic growers, Urban Roots is bringing customers vegetable varieties that are otherwise unavailable to the area.

This year continues Urban Roots��������� special sale of a selection of heirloom tomato plants. In 2006 Urban Roots offered these plants through a special grass roots sale. This year, the heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables (see page 2 for varieties) are available for purchase at out retail garden store located at 428 Rhode Island Street, three blocks west of Richmond Avenue.

The tomatoes you buy in your average grocery store were chosen for shelf appeal ��������� not flavor. When you eat an heirloom tomato, you won���������t believe what you���������ve been missing: The flavors. The colors. The textures.

We have a limited supply of these tomato plants, so pre-ordering is advised to reserve your plants. Further information and rder forms may be found at, or may be made over the phone at 882-1923, by May 19. All heirloom and unusual vegetable plants will be available for purchase between May 25 and June 3, 2007.

Urban Roots Community Garden Center is also offering a greater variety of tomatoes than we did in our special 2006 sale. We have five selections with four different plants in each selection, suitable for a city garden.

��������� Selection #1 ��������� The Unusuals: Zapotec Pleated (earthy flavor), Japanese Black Trifele (purplish-brick color, very rich), Black Krim (rich & sweet), & Carbon (best tasting 2005)
��������� Selection #2 ��������� Small-Medium: Green Zebra (chartreuse w/ stripes), Rouge d���������Irak (finely flavored), Thai Pink (pink, grape shaped), & Egg Yolk (yellow orbs, rich, fruity flavor)
��������� Selection #3 ��������� Cherry: Peacevine (flavor begins tart, finishes sweet), White Currant (superb flavor, very sweet), Black Cherry (unique and delicious), & Fox (perfect for salads)
��������� Selection #4 ��������� Beefsteak: Brandywine (benchmark for flavor), Persimmon (deep orange, juicy), Black Pineapple (giant multicolored fruit), & Yellow Brandywine (rich flavor)
��������� Selection #5 ��������� Paste: Olga���������s, Amish Paste (ultimate paste tomato), Principe Borghese (for sun drying and sauce), & Orange Banana (fruity sweetness)

Other heirloom and unusual vegetables plants being offered:

��������� Hot Peppers: Cayenne Purple Long, Bulgarian Carrot, White Habanero, and Thai Red Chili.
��������� Sweet Peppers: California Wonder, Red Mini Bell, Sunrise Orange Bell, and Nardello Sweet.
��������� Eggplant: Thai Long Green, Rotunda Bianca Sfumata di Rosa, Turkish Orange, and Ping Tung
��������� Basil: Genovese, Lime, Lemon and Red Rubin
��������� Greens: Sorrel, Arugula, and Amish Deer Tongue
��������� Mixed Lettuce: Tom Thumb, Flame, Red Batavian, and Gentilina

Urban Roots Community Garden Center is a consumer cooperative retail business whose mission is to provide quality products for gardening in the City of Buffalo and be an active and enriching member of the community. Our mission is to offer affordable, unusual heirloom, organic and local plants and gardening supplies; to foster a working relationship with the greater neighborhood in order to encourage beautification and urban renewal; and to engage the community through education, employment, outreach, expertise and volunteering efforts.

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Marc said...

All of these heirloom tomatoes sound so wonderful. It is amazing how many different flavors, shapes and colors are available in tomatoes when you start looking at heirlooms. I am growing eight heirloom tomatoes this year and I wish I had room for more!