Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Home Again

I'm back from two weeks in Maine, where I did a lot of...pretty much nothing. I didn't even go to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, which I 'most always do. But I did spot quite a few sea roses, yes sirree! This one was wedged into the tiniest of cracks along the spine at Pemaquid Point—a scary thing you don't really want to walk onto. You can see here I am looking down, not a good idea. The next moment I was crawling back on my hands and knees. Here's a link to someone else's picture of the spine.
The sea rose, Rosa rugosa, is everywhere you look, at least in Mid-Coast Maine. It can survive the harshest storms, gripping tenaciously to even the thinnest layer of soil. Its blooms smell wonderful, and it flowers continuously all season. The hips, only developing in this picture but a lovely red when ripe, just like a cherry tomato, don't taste half bad and—and this was important to those shipwreck survivors off Pemaquid Point—are an excellent source of the anti-scurvy, Vitamin C.

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