Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Garden Shows Wrap-Up: GardenScape

I stopped by during set-up on Wednesday. Generally it's a very busy time for the magazine, so I don't. But this year I thought it might make a good column, and also I wanted to drop off some books while I could still drive into Minnett. Here's a view from the stands. (It's two pictures sort of pasted together.)

I was hoping to blog the design challenge, but because it was on the stage I felt too self-conscious to really get close.

The following four images are of Waterford Tillings winning garden, Recycle, Rethink, Regarden. It was a fantastic display. A year I ago I had never heard of Pietro Furgiuele. At last year's show he came up with the design challenge, and I thought he was very clever. Now...this? It's impressive.

Below that, the display for the Genesee Valley chapter of NARGS, designed by Betsy Knapp. Truly great.

The winners are here.

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