Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Cold

I know. Duh.

Usually I relish winter. I like to ski. When the end of March rolls around and the snow finally starts to melt, I get all panicky that I haven't gotten all my ski time in. And March is my favorite month to hit the slopes. I like the sun, and the slush, and everyone is in such high spirits...sigh...

But this year, things are different. I have a minor injury that is keeping me off skis, probably for the whole season. So I'm looking forward to spring a little more than usual, and of course, it's now THREE degrees outside. They've even closed school here at Cal-Mum, because it's just too cold. No end in sight, either.

But spring will come. And before that, the garden shows! Yay! We have a new one this year: CNYBlooms, and of course there is the Rochester show, GardenScape, and Buffalo's Plantasia, close on its heels. (By the way, I'll be speaking at the latter two.)

This image is from last year's GardenScape. It is one of William Valvanis's magnificent creations. Last year, in keeping with the theme, which I think was "reflections" (this year it's "drama"), he placed all of his trees atop black, square, still ponds. He actually had a name for these ponds, these boxes of water, and as I recall (and I don't recall the name itself) it was rather elegant. Bonsai Alley, Bill's domain for as many years as I've seen the show, is always fantastic. With the remodeling scheduled to go on at the dome, I wonder if he'll be displaced.

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knitlit kate said...

i know you'll be back on the slopes soon janey!