Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Vacation" Fun - the Renegade Gardener

I'm technically working today and tomorrow, but with everyone else lazing about, playing Nintendo DS and helping the itunes store to crash, it's hard to keep a serious focus. So after I had worked for four or five minutes this morning, I took a much needed break and checked out Don Engebretson is funny. Goofy and silly, but truly funny, and also he appears to know horticulture. Check out the 2006 Renegade Gardener High Spot/Black Spot Awards, where you can read Engebreston wax poetic about this favorite willow: "Growing ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ is like waking up and seeing Dakota Fanning standing silently in your garden. It’s just gorgeous, somehow emitting depth and meaning."
(I don't know why part of the above paragraph appears in semi-bold type. New Blogger thing I guess.)

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