Friday, December 15, 2006

A Beautiful Flower

Originally uploaded by Jane Milliman.
Since Trout Lily is truly a native American wildflower, I can put her on my blog, right?



Kim (Blackswamp_Girl) said...

No excuse needed to post a picture of such a cute dog!!! :)

kate said...

you got that right sister!
~mac the dog

IBOY said...

You really go to the back door and yell "Here Trout Lily... Here Trout Lily!"??? Wow, I wish I lived in your neighborhood.

Jane M. said...

Well, it's usually just "Lily." Or "Chuck-Chuck," because of the little chucking sounds she makes when she sleeps.


Even better, my friend Deirdre is raising a guide dog puppy she has named "Payne." (Or Paine, or what have you.) So that's an even crazier sounding call, I'd say.