Friday, November 17, 2006

Susan Latoski Exits RCGC

ETTG is sad to report that Susan Latoski, long time Executive Director of the Rochester Civic Garden Center, has left in order to take a position with the Landmark Society. She will be sorely missed.

Given the untold hours I have spent with Susan over the past ten years, often with camera in hand, it amuses - and frustrates - me to not be able to come up with a lot of images of Susan in the Garden. I have plenty of shots of Susan's garden, and many of Susan on a Bike and Susan on Skis, but of Susan in the garden, this is the best I can come up with...and she's not even in focus (the bigleaf magnolia flower is!). I took this slide in '02 at one of our frequent visits to one of our favorite spots, Cornell Plantations.

I know Susan will knock 'em dead in her new job, and I wish her the best of luck and send her off with lots of love.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet, I love that picture, and you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Susan is sorely missed by those of us at RCGC :-(