Friday, November 17, 2006

Dangerous Beauty

(From the Nov-Dec '06 UGJ) — Our cover image this issue is beautiful. But the invasive plant it depicts, autumn olive, is a threat to plants—and even animals— in our native environment. This juxtaposition is the theme of Christine Sevilla’s new series of images, “Thanatopsis.”
“The dangerous beauty of invasive plant species has brought them to new, alien locations where a less handsome weed would be quickly eradicated,” Sevilla writes. She hopes her project will encourage citizens to grow native plants and varieties of non-natives that are proven not to be invasive.
The artist has made twelve of the Thanatopsis images into her 2007 calendar. Each month is printed on a separate five by seven-inch card that fits into a simple, clear, plastic standing frame, which can be reused from year to year. The calendars are available at the Memorial Art Gallery Store, 500 University Ave, Rochester, or by calling 585/586-6085 (this number is WRONG in the print version) or e-mailing Sevilla at They are $20 each, or $15 for just the cards.
Sevilla is also planning an exhibit in 2007, and to publish a brochure this spring. To see more of her work, visit
For information on what you can do to help control invasive species, visit

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