Monday, September 04, 2006

Bargains Abound

Originally uploaded by Jane Milliman.
Ah, September. The air cools, the energy soars, and the prices drop. I went around this weekend delivering magazines and found that pretty much everywhere I stopped there were bargains to be had. At the Garden Factory in Gates, there is a whole section of shrubs and grasses that are five dollars and change—I saw some good-looking Panicum 'Heavy Metal' in what I think were #15's. Towards the front they were offering the chelone pictured here, 'Hot Lips', for eight bucks, in gallons. Not exactly cheap, but not too bad, and the plants were healthy and fresh. Up at Harris Gardens on 250 in Penfield, Rosy's having a "yard sale," getting rid of some of the leftover stuff from the previous owners. Some excellent deals there on hard goods.

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