Friday, August 18, 2006

Perfectly, Naturally Elusive

I wrote about this product, Perfectly Natural Weed Killer, in my D&C column a while back, and yes, it's very good and I do use it myself around the house. (The kids always think someone is making applesauce. Or pie. Or pickles!) My readers have had a really tough time finding it though. I am sorry about that! Wal-Mart did carry it in the spring but didn't re-order when (or should I say EVEN THOUGH) it sold out. Home Depot doesn't carry it in the East. And they don't quite have the independent garden centers lined up yet, either.
So. To buy it, for now, you have to order it at this Web site:
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Carol said...

I also used this, and bought mine at Walmart. It does work very well, so I stocked up, knowing that they probably wouldn't have it all through the season. They've got to clear out those gardening aisles to make room for the Christmas merchandise. After all we are half way through August!