Friday, August 11, 2006

...And We Have a Few More!

I'm not worthy.

That's really how I felt on Tuesday, at Bluegrass Lane at Cornell University in Ithaca, judging the Kathy Pufal memorial container competition put on by the Cooperative Extension in conjunction with its annual Field Days. I mean, in comparison to the talent that was on display, my own home containers are pretty lame. Not to mention the two pros on my team: Donna Moramarco from martin Viette, and Cornell Plantations's Liz Brown (have you SEEN the containers at Plantations?), who knew exactly what they were doing. I learned a lot.

Our team judged the Unlimited category, which basically is anything other than a hanging basket or a 16 inch patio pot. I'm not sure how the images will stack up on this post, but the wagon was first place and the chest second, and they were both submitted by Wallkill View Farms in New Paltz. Third place was captured by first-time entrant Country Power Products out of Greenwich.

Here is the total line-up of winners as announced by Cornell:

3rd: (Tie) B1, Lockwood’s Greenhouses, Hamburg, NY, and
B4, Adams Fairacre Farms, Poughkeepsie, NY
2nd: B7, Mischler’s Florist, Williamsville, NY
1st: B9, Little York Plantation, Little York, NY

3rd: N9, Country Power Products, Greenwich, NY
2nd: N1, Wallkill View Farms, New Paltz, NY
1st N2, Wallkill View Farms, New Paltz, NY

3rd: P3, Wallkill View Farms, New Paltz, NY
2nd: P2, Wallkill View Farms, New Paltz, NY
1st: P12, Zema’s Nursery, Stephentown, NY


Carol said...

Those are so creative. I am also not worthy. I especially like the trunk and wagon.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

WOW!!! I am drooling over the chest. Those gorgeous fall colors...