Monday, January 31, 2011

The 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show Tour

Here this year's Philly Flower Show tour information from Michael Warren Thomas. 

See the largest annual indoor flower show in the world, 
Longwood Gardens and the artwork of N.C. Wyeth 
March 9-10 (Wed.-Thurs.) and March 12-13 (Sat.-Sun.)

The theme for the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show is Springtime in Paris. For more details, visit Most people come with me to see the Flower Show, but almost everyone enjoys Longwood Gardens even more. It is so peaceful and relaxing, after the bustle of downtown Philly.

In addition to Longwood Gardens, we will also visit the Brandywine River Museum which highlights the artwork of N.C. Wyeth and his family. The museum is along the banks of the river and beautifully displays the famous original paintings from books like Treasure Island.

First Day - March 9th or 12th
7:30 Depart Rochester from Bristol's Garden Center on Rt. 96 just south of Eastview Mall
11:15 Lunch included near Scranton, PA at The Inn at Nichols Village
3:00 Arrive Philadelphia Flower Show
9:00 Leave show for Hampton Inn in Wilmington, Delaware (same hotel, now a Comfort Inn/Suites
9:45 Arrive at Hotel

Second Day – March 10th or 13th
8:10 Leave for Longwood Gardens (continental breakfast at hotel)
9:00 Arrive Longwood Gardens
12:00 Leave for the Brandywine River Museum, where we will have lunch.
3:00 Leave Brandywine River Museum for dinner in Scranton.
5:30 Arrive at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel for an elegant closing dinner
11:00 Return to Rochester (Bristol's Garden Center)

The 2011 price is $395 per person (double) includes everything except dinner at the Flower Show and lunch at Longwood. Add $55 for a single. Full payment will reserve your spot. Call Michael at 585-703-9237 if you have any questions. Please send a check payable to the address below. Are you ready for spring yet?

Michael Warren Thomas
19 Trafalgar Street
Rochester, NY 14619


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