Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An afternoon with Chuck

I spent the afternoon with Chuck Eblacker checking out some of his new work and visiting an installation I've been wanting to see for quite a while.

Chuck is currently creating a dry-laid stone wall at the Harley School in Brighton, and is instructing a course on the subject this semester as well. This is Chuck's project:

This is the students':

The kids' wall looks great, and what a good skill to learn! Part jigsaw puzzle, part weightlifting, part physics, all Zen.

Next, we moved on to a storied Pittsford property to view a few installations Chuck has worked on over the past few years.

There's the moongate, best known and very cool in person:

There are a few less-complicated projects around the property as well.
A stream crossing that keeps feet just above water:

A li'l cairn thingie:

And extra stones, piled just so, that the homeowner asked him just to leave as is.

More pix here.


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Wow! That is amazing.

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