Friday, June 05, 2009

Event Reminder—Rochester Area—Tomorrow

WEED WALK  June 6, 2009  9:30 am
Free and open to the public
Contact:  phone- 585 586 6085  email-

Horizon Hill Conservation Area of the Perinton Crescent Trail.
Meet at parking area, .25 mi from Harris Beach offices at 99 Garnsey Road.

-Learn  to recognize six of the most significant invasive plant species affecting Monroe County on a walk of  Horizon Hill. 
-Experts will participate to answer questions and the pocket guide on invasive plants of Monroe County, Garden Villains, will be distributed to participants.
-To request the pocket guide, Garden Villains, call Cornell Cooperative Extension at 585-461-1000.
-Text content of Garden Villains is online at

Why invasive plants?
Non-native plants have been introduced everywhere for erosion control, as fences, for medicinal uses, to recreate a homeland environment, and for their exotic beauty. Many also arrived by accident. Lacking the natural controls that checked their growth in their native landscape, these non-native plants are able to grow in a variety of conditions, spread quickly, to displace native plants, and alter ecosystems. We need to take action to preserve a diverse ecosystem. We can start in our own back yards.

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