Thursday, December 20, 2007

GardenScape Presale Tix Available on Web

GardenScape is just around the corner, and from now until January 1, you can buy tickets online at a $2 discount here. Seeing as how the show is attended by around 20,000 people every year, I'd wager they'd probably make an excellent Christmas gift for someone you know.

This year's theme is "'It's a Garden Life,' illustrating ways people can enjoy 'living in their landscapes.'" (That's a lot of nested quotes.)

I took this picture at last year's show. It was probably my favorite display, though there were a lot of beautiful gardens. This one I loved for its pure sweetness and because early, early spring is my absolute favorite time of year. The days are sunny, the crocuses are pushing up through the snow, and you can still ski. In a t-shirt. Plus my daughter was born in March, during the night following an absolutely perfect, snow melting-away kind of day during which I walked MILES and MILES in the sun trying to bring on labor (it worked!)

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