Sunday, June 17, 2007

Images from the Odyssey

This year we visited Cornell's Bluegrass Lane, which was very interesting, I thought. Growers send their plants to be tested there under upstate New York conditions. Some plants are new to the market, others aren't.

I saw Coreopsis tripteris for the first time, tall tickseed. I'm not big on coreopsis and I've never actually kept one alive longer than one season, but this I love just for its structure. It's like a mini-bamboo.

Even though I am highly allergic to its milky white sap, I love spurge. Euphorbia of any kind. It makes me crazy when I see those giant orange-headed ones in England that we can's grow here. But what is this? E. griffithii! How has this plant escaped my attention? Must possess.

Hosta 'Invincible'. I love these gorgeous leaves. Like everything at BGL, this hosta is growing in full, hot, scorching sun. See what irrigation can do.

Dictamnus, photographed at Bakers' Acres (.net). Reenie was very very careful to warn us about the volatility of whatever it is that you can light on fire here, the fumes I guess, and warned us (Cheryl Wallace and myself, who were dead set on dictamnus this year for some reason) NOT to let any of the plant's parts, and especially the flowers, touch any of our parts, or anyone else's. Cheryl and I both almost immediately stuck our entire upper bodies in the plants. I got away OK; I ended up with what looked like four claw marks on my chest. They'll fade in a few months. Nothing on the face. I haven't heard from Cheryl...maybe she's hospitalized....


Ellis Hollow said...

Glad you were able to tour Bluegrass Lane. I'm embarassed to say I haven't been out there yet this season. But we have a turf and landscape field day out there Tuesday that I'll be helping with. I'll be sure to check out the coreopsis. I must have missed it other times I've been out there.

Jane M. said...

I love it there. Last year I judged the containers at the field day in July, but this year it conflicts with my vacation. Bummer. I hope to stop when I'm down delivering magazines next time.