Monday, April 03, 2006

It's a Festivus Miracle

Why, you may ask, am I posting these obviously inferior images of some plants that are barely peeking out from the ground? Because when I saw them yesterday, I was so excited that it felt like Christmas. These are the first blue-flowered corydalis that have ever returned for me.

Blue Heron, below, is from Terra Nova. Its flowers are electric blue (not to be confused with the actual plant Electric Blue, which did not survive when I tried it in my garden). Blackberry Wine, above, is a Proven Selections variety I got from Gardner's Greenhouses in West Henrietta, and its flowers are closer to purple. of the two, it's the more vigorous right at this moment, but I got it as an established 4 inch, whereas the former arrived as a mere plug—and did pretty well all summer.


Julie BW said...

I love personal local experiences like this. Thanks for setting this up.

roybe said...

sometimes the sight of the new shoots is as fulfilling as seeing a plant in full bloom.