Saturday, February 25, 2006

Countryside Flower Farm's New Plants for '06

Astilbe “KeyWest”—Dark burgundy foliage with carmine-red flowers. Compact plant with short stems that and produces twice as many flowers as other astilbes.

Echinacea “Harvest Moon”—Gold flowers formed with wide, overlapping petals that are the color of a harvest moon. Very fragrant and excellent plant vigor.

Perovskia “Little Spire”—A shorter version that grows to only 24 inches. Late summer blooming and extremely drought tolerant.

Tree Rose “Northern Encore”—Developed especially for northern gardens. Two-inch, soft pink, single blooms in an everblooming display all summer long. Exceptional disease resistance.

Countryside Flower Farm is on York St. in Honeoye Fallls.

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